RDA Families Volunteer to Help Children in Need

RDA Families Volunteer to Help Children in Need

On Saturday, October 29 many of our PAE dancers and their families volunteered to prepare and box meals for the non-profit, Feed My Starving Children. In just 2-hours the RDA team made more than a thousand meals for hungry children around the world! It was an incredibly humbling experience to learn how many children don’t know where their next meal is coming from — if at all. RDA dancers not only have big talent — but also big hearts and try to give back in a variety of ways. rda-dancers_feed-my-starving-children-1

The Feed My Starving Children event was a rewarding experience for everyone who participated, and it was an incredible bonding experience for the dancers. Thank you to everyone who got up early on a Saturday morning to make a positive impact in the lives of children in need. A special thank you goes out to Wendy Egbon for organizing this event – we plan to do it again next year. 


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